Our Core

Quality and consumer safety is our priority

Pavanito has always been, and will always be, deeply committed to the quality of its products and our consumer safety. The approach to our products has been known for their efficacy, simplicity and exceptional sensorial feel through textures and fragrances.

Integrity guides our actions

An integral part of our foundation and day-to-day operation. Integrity, respect, and responsibility are the global ethical principles and values guiding our actions, from our company decisions to how we conduct our business and comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Transparency is the key to building trust with our stakeholders, and we strive to be open and honest in everything we do. Our commitment to uncompromising integrity and transparency is reflected across our branding, policies, practices, and code of conduct. In addition, we continuously review and update them to ensure that they align with our values while remaining practical to the norms of the day and age we exist and operate. We have a goal and the right to profit; however, all core values will be considered when making major business decisions and adjustments.


'The story' is our inspiration 

Men often buy candles or perfumes from us, if not flowers or diamonds, to please their women. Wives often buy soaps for their families, friends put a few items in our gift boxes to gift one another, and grandchildren usually pick up a foot balm for their grandparent's sore feet. 

Whenever a customer buys something, there is always a story in there. Tapping these stories keeps us relevant and inspires us for what is next. More than a focused conversation around beauty, these stories inspire us in our creative journey. Every individual has a story worth listening to. Everything inspires us, even failures, as they mean new opportunities. Creating beauty, wellness and lifestyle products with textures and fragrances can reflect the world and times we live in or sometimes reveal our own world as creators instead


Customers are our focus

Everything we do is for and around our customers. If beauty and wellness are skin-deep, understanding your persona, listening and identifying your needs is part of a never-ending job towards making an effort to see you keep coming back for more. We at Pavanito are deeply committed to doing everything possible to stay true to this element of the value structure of our Company.





We wouldn't be without them

With a multi-faceted experience of having owned a beauty business and exposure to aviation, hospitality and retail, we recognise how an unhappy employee or external stakeholder can ruin the brand experience for not just one but many customers. Simply put, what they experience at work in our business will shape how they treat our customers. So at Pavanito, we keep our employee, intern and freelancer culture engaging while learning from mistakes, recognising when they are not repeated, listening to feedback and rewarding performers where the opportunity allows. This also extends to customers, for sometimes our customers end up working for us unknowingly sharing ideas and feedback or even referring other customers to us, which calls for an effort from our side to make them feel part of the family.