We live in a world where allergens are more and more present. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our products are appropriate for your skin type. All our products are handcrafted under strict quality control. However, because product ingredients have different degrees of sensitivity for various individuals, some products may cause reactions. All customers are advised to use a small portion on a small part of the body first to test out for 24 hours for any allergies. Do not use the product if you get any allergies; immediately seek medical help.


The customer indemnifies Pavanito, its manufacturing partners and stockists of any discomfort or damage caused by its products of temporary or permanent nature and agrees to use all Pavanito products at their own risk. Please do not purchase our products if you disagree with this indemnification clause. We at Pavanito do not hold any responsibility for any such case. Since we cannot know the customer's medical history of allergies or other personal issues, we are not medical professionals. Hence we cannot advise customers in this regard. The buyer's discretion is advised.


*All our products may have been in contact with potential allergens. If you have severe allergies or a history of having them, please contact us before using our products.